Hiring just a PET LOVER isn’t enough

Be aware that prices vary between services offered by a “professional” and an “pet lover”. Allow me to explain you the difference ;

Professional Pet Sitter:

  • has a local business license, if required
  • has his or her own business insurance & bonding
  • asks client to complete a service contract
  • has pet-care training and/or certified in feline & canine behaviors
  • your pets are his or her priority, and career! 

Hobby Pet Sitter

  • is not an actual business, usually simply posts on a “pet sitters” website or app
  • may not have any insurance coverage
  • asks pet owners to email quick details about pets only
  • may love pets, but has not pursued ongoing education or certifications related to pet care
  • offers pet care as a side gig or way to earn extra money and is not pursuing a career in pet sitting.

It’s up to you to make the right decision that will ensure you peace of mind while you’re away .

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