Animal Policy

Watchmypet policies have been created to provide maximum security and information for all customers. Dog walks should be a simple and uncomplicated service. No dogs are left unattended. We offer morning walks to start the day in a good way unless a special request. All dogs must have a medal, leash and collar provided by the owner. We reserve the right to cancel a walk due to a non-favorable meteorological reason.

To ensure an adequate service, a profile of the animal will be created (health, diet, behavior, etc.) and your contacts including yours, an emergency contact person and your veterinarian. If your pet has specific needs to meet, please notify us during our in home consultation.

Prior to any services offered, we will co-sign a service contract to ensure the certainty of the service offered and received.

To access your home during your absence, a duplicate key will be required and it will be kept by us for the entire period of the service offered. We keep the keys in a safe place and only employees have access to them.

Any changes or cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance or the entire invoice amount will be charged.

No refunds are offered unless Watchmypet is in default of providing the service purchased by the consumer.


Effective date: November 4th, 2018